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Information for Parents

Welcome to the Team

Thank you for your interest in both the sport of Hockey and Milton Youth Hockey Association in particular.  This page is designed to help answer the most frequently asked questions as well as provide additional information before the season's start. 

What equipment is provided by MYHA?
MYHA will provide a single practice jerseys per player.  Practice jerseys are for your players to keep. We also supply game Jersey’s to our 8U and 10U players. These jerseys are ON LOAN for the season and must be returned at the end of season banquet. We do offer an option for you to buy the jersey's that we lend out to keep, as well as purchase customized jerseys through our approved vendor at select times during the regular season.

Game jerseys must be washed and hung up to dry, NOT put in a clothes dryer.  Jersey numbers will be determined based upon seniority within the team as well as jersey size requirements.  MYHA will notify parents as to what number their player has been assigned.

Game Jerseys are NOT to be worn for practices.

Additional questions can be sent to us at

What equipment do you need?

Required Equipment Optional Equipment
Helmet Water Bottle W/Long Straw
Neck Protector Stick Tape
Mouth Guard Skate Blade Covers
Chest/Shoulder Protector Hockey bag
Elbow Pads
Hockey Pants
Shin guards
Hockey Socks
Jock Shorts/Strap & Cup Protector

Where can I buy everything I need?

You can always try your luck online as well. Please note that MYHA does not officially endorse any local or online retailer.

Kevin Smith Sports Connection
1174 Williston Rd,
South Burlington, VT
(802) 658-0848

Play It Again Sports (New & Used)
150 Dorset St, South Burlington, VT
(802) 865-3021

Dick’s Sporting Goods
Maple Tree Place Shopping Center
1355 Maple Tree Place (Taft Corners)
Williston, VT 05495

New Hockey Gear


Offers used hockey gear

Suggestions & Tips for the New Hockey Parents

  • The single most important element in a successful season is a positive and realistic attitude from both players and parents.  Youth hockey is supposed to be about fun, learning, and skill development.  It is not “only” about winning and poor sportsmanship is not tolerated.  MYHA has Parent, Spectator and participant codes of conduct that must be followed. This can be found under our Documents and Forms section, codes of conduct or by clicking here.
  • The second most important element in a successful season is arriving early enough before practice or game time.  A MINIMUM of 30 minutes prior is a good target for most players.  Players need time to get dressed, skates tied, and be prepared.  Scrambling around and being late wastes valuable ice time. The coaches may wish to go over the practice plan with the children before they take to the ice.
  • Teach your child to pull/carry their own bag.
  • Teach your child to maintain, clean, and DRY their equipment after each practice/game and at home.  If you haven’t smelled an over-ripe hockey back, you’re in for a treat! Rinse it off and leave it out to dry.
  • Hockey sticks REALLY need to be the correct length for the player, and this should be checked each year as the player grows!  The stick should be at the players chin with their skates on or at their eyes in street shoes. Junior sticks should NOT have a large curve.  State-of-the-art composite sticks aren’t necessary or even helpful for younger players.
  • Write your child’s name on the bottle as they all look alike.
  • Teach your child to drink only from their own bottle. Don’t spread germs!